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Keneseth Beth Israel receives generous gift

Rabbi Dovid Asher with Marcus Weinstein during the Richmond Jewish Food Festival.

The new year delivered an exciting and unexpected gift for the Keneseth Beth Israel (KBI) synagogue, which received a $100,000 donation from Mr. Marcus Weinstein for the purpose of growing the annual Richmond Jewish Food Festival that was held this past January for its 15th year in a row.

As a philanthropist, Mr. Weinstein’s contributions in the Richmond area are legendary and have been highly recognized.

The Richmond Jewish Food Festival welcomes thousands of Richmonders every year for exquisite food, good cheer, and a truly wonderful environment that educates and generates connections with the larger community.

As KBI’s President, Rabbi Adam Winston, noted, “Mr. Weinstein’s tremendous generosity has given our membership a great opportunity to get excited right now about being inspired to help with one of the biggest and best events that the Jewish community has to offer the broader city of Richmond.”

Rebecca Kalman Winston, KBI’s Vice President, remarked on her connection to Mr. Weinstein and appreciation for his support.

“My father, Malcolm Kalman, and Mr. Weinstein had a very special relationship as businessmen in the Richmond community who volunteered together for many years. Following in their footsteps is important to me, and I am so very grateful that Mr. Weinstein supports and appreciates the value that our synagogue brings to the entire Richmond area.”

Indeed, Mr. Weinstein’s personal connection with Keneseth Beth Israel extends back many years. His grandparents belonged to the synagogue when it was located in downtown Richmond, and his grandfather, Mr. Frank Roth, served as president nearly a 100 years ago.

Co-founder of the Richmond Jewish Food Festival, Diane Goldberg, also expressed her gratitude.

“This effort to host Richmond’s largest Jewish event is larger than anyone could possibly imagine. The event committee is extremely appreciative to our largest benefactor and corporate sponsor.”

As planning for the utilization of the funds gets underway, KBI’s Rabbi Dovid Asher extoled Mr. Weinstein’s virtues.

“It has now been almost ten years of a dear friendship and critical mentorship that I have enjoyed with Mr. Weinstein. This relationship has been like an advanced master’s degree on how to contribute to the betterment of the Jewish community. Always strive to be a credit to the community, promote good values by being giving as necessary, and represent oneself to the wider world with sharp integrity.”

The following are some photos from this year’s Richmond Jewish Food Festival taken by Elly Goldberg


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