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Inessa Nosenko is full of hope


Inessa Nosenko, the Director of the Mazel Tov JCC in Zaporizhia, Ukraine, visited Richmond on a short trip to the United States Dec. 7-12.

Inessa Nosenko talks with Grey Jackson and her grandmother, Robin Jackson, during Lights of Love event at Federation.

While here, along with her husband, Volary; and her assistant, Kseniia Nikishyna; she met with community members and shared stories from the War Zone.

Inessa is a force of nature for her Jewish spirit and full community as she continues to care for all in need during this now nine months of war. Her stories are full of hope that this war will end soon. and she can return to the work of building and growing a vibrant Jewish Community.

At one of the gatherings, she said,”I want to give the people of Richmond a great thank you. I have been swimming in the water of love and family since the war started with all your support. Every minute, we know the American people and Richmonders are thinking of us. You are our Jewish family.  Jews all over the world love other Jews. Everything changed for us when the war broke out.  But you have been with us us. I am happy to be in your Jewish community. Now this is my Jewish community too.”

The following are just a few of the photos from the visit. Also, be sure to read the article on the home page too.


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