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Hadassah Richmond wins National Fundraising Award


We are thrilled to share that Hadassah Richmond was selected by Hadassah National to receive the 2022 Grassroots Fundraising Collaborative Award for its Elinor Bloom Marshall (EBM) Humanitarian Award Honoring Ann Eisenberg.

This award was given to Richmond for its combined Grassroots + Major Gifts fundraising efforts.

The EBM Award is given biennially to a community member who embodies the attributes of the late Elinor Bloom Marshall, who was a tireless volunteer, successful businesswomen and devoted family leader.

According to Tracey Dreyer, National Grassroots Fundraising Chair for Hadassah, “Your hard work and creativity enable Hadassah to raise much-needed funds to support its lifesaving and life-enhancing work.” Dreyer said that it is important to include both grassroots fundraising along with major donor fundraising which was what made Richmond’s submission stand out.

It was a collaboration event that included Leslie Baron, who was Richmond Chapter president at the time and a strong committee who put on the virtual event and raised the funds.

All of that was aided by a great honoree, Ann Eisenberg, a tireless volunteer for Hadassah on the local, regional and national level.

The award application was composed and submitted by Robin Jackson, a past chapter president, who helps with publicity for the chapter.

Dryer also said the committee was impressed that the event combined Elinor’s family and the community to assist in fundraising and planning. Elinor’s son Art and daughter-in-law Mindy, a past Region president have been involved with the event from its beginning.

Mindy said, “This award is so exciting!  Kudos to the entire team!  We’ve been so touched and truly overwhelmed by the Richmond Chapter’s commitment to honor Elinor’s legacy. I know all of you feel her presence and connection, especially in the way you’ve beautifully planned and executed the Elinor Marshall Humanitarian Award events. She’s kvelling with all of us!”

Leslie Baron summed it up well, “Try and find a way to give support to your community, charity, or whatever you believe in. Whether it be monetarily or your time, anything is precious!” The Richmond Chapter was recognized during the awards presentations at Hadassah’s 100th National Convention in Jerusalem in November.



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