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5th grader Henry Zwerdling raises $580 for Ukraine


Ten-year-old Henry Zwerdling wanted to raise money for Ukraine. And he loves to bake. So, he came up with the idea, all on his own, that he wanted to have a bake sale to benefit Ukraine, noted his father Matt Zwerdling.

The 5th grader has a classmate whose mother is Ukrainian and “she pointed us to a local non-profit called Lift Up Ukraine, that helps helps refugees,” said Matt.
Turns out Matt knew one of the founders and directors of Lift Up Ukraine, and coordinated the donation to https://liftupukraine.org/.

The youngster did everything on his own…baked everything from scratch, designed the flyers and menu, shopped for all the groceries and wrapping, kept track of his overhead.

The menu, in part, included: chocolate chip cookies, ginger snap cookies, chocolate cupcakes with nutrella frosting, yellow cupcakes with strawberry frosting and a few others. He also offered carrot, apple and peanut butter dog biscuits.

The result, on Saturday, Aug. 27, was that Henry raised $580 from the sale of baked goods and treats between the neighborhood, family, friends and others.

His sister, Eve, 7, was a big help and the whole family pitched in.

“Needless to say, we are really proud of him,” his father said.

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