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Brith Achim Happenings


By David Goldstein, PhD

Here at Congregation Brith Achim services, Torah study, talks and holiday celebrations are in full-swing on both Zoom and in-person.

March’s pizza party has always been a good draw. Pictured above with the article are Grahm Brightly-Goldstein – winner of the Winter Children’s Services competition as a knight with his father, the masked Spiderman and Wonder Woman at the JCC.

The knight has a strong resemblance to local superhero Bet Man (courtesy of Daily Bugle stock footage) who often appears at celebrations and “for truth, justice and the American way!”

Like our adult participants, Grahm attends child services both in-person (at his convenience) and via Zoom; many of our participants are from across the United States – even in other time zones.

Grahm is pictured with the poster at the JCC for our Federation-sponsored children’s services (held on Saturday’s, with prayer, Hebrew, Torah study, games and prizes).

Second Night Seder

April continues our in-person and Zoom-based festivities. The second night Sedar (April 16)  is always well-attended. As always, we expect a contingent from Fort Lee and many guests from the community as well as most of our membership.

March’s cybersecurity talk by David Goldstein, PhD and Phil Susman gives way to more spring subjects and our planned baseball outings at the Richmond Flying Squirrels.

For more information on any of these, email drdaveg@gmail.com or check out our Facebook page.


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