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Beth Sholom raises vaccine awareness in our community

Clinic Celebration! Beth Sholom team members (from left) Jillian Ryan, Taylor Rollison, Jenni Johnson, Patti Petrus and Stephanie Spencer with Commonshare Pharmacy.

Thanks to Leading Age and a grant made possible from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Vaccine Equity and Access Program (VEAP), Beth Sholom has been able to dedicate time and dollars toward raising awareness and educating the community on the importance of vaccinating.

Beth Sholom recently hosted a series of FREE vaccination clinics to the public. The team made these clinics fun and educational.

Each clinic provided refreshments, treats and clinical team members on site to educate and answer questions.

The clinics have been so successful, we’re planning to offer more in the near future!

Here are some more photos from the booster clinics.

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