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History of Israel Bonds


Following the War of Independence, Israel was in critical need of funds to build and strengthen the foundations of statehood and prepare to absorb hundreds of thousands of new immigrants.

With no other place to turn Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion sought to engage Diaspora Jewry in building the reborn Jewish homeland through the sale of bonds, Israel bonds.

Seventy years after its launch Israel Bonds has achieved over $46 billion in worldwide sales and Israel has never missed a maturity or interest payment.

Proceeds from the sale of Israel bonds have played a decisive role in Israel’s rapid evolution into a groundbreaking, global leader in high-tech, greentech and biotech.

Israel transformed rapidly from an agrarian nation/economy to becoming a technological powerhouse with a widely-admired economy but will not immediately overcome the economic impacts of the pandemic nor will the emotional, physical, and structural impacts of Hamas rocket attacks be easily put behind.

Each year, as the sounds of the shofar blend into our High Holy Days prayers for:

  • A virus-free world,
  • Peace on Israel’s borders and
  • An end to surging Anti-Semitism in the streets, social media, and remarks of public officials

The sounds of the shofar also inspire us to STAND WITH ISRAEL through investments in Israel bonds. Not only around the High Holy Days, however.

It has never been easier to invest in Israel bonds:

  • Invest online at israelbonds.com or via our phone app
  • Short term maturities available – 2, 3 and 5 years
  • Name and address only for gift bonds – no SSN required
  • Gift bonds $36, $54, $72, $90 (available online only) and Mazel Tov bonds that start at $100 ($10 increments) up to $2500.
  • Bonds are issued in book entry form – that means no more certificates to keep/sign/submit to redeem.
  • Redemption checks mailed automatically at maturity.

The Israel Bonds program is a positive proactive economic expression of our attachment to Israel and each bond purchased today is still embedded with layers of mitzvah, Jewish heritage, and our tradition just like the first sold 70 years ago.

The funds generated by the sale of Israel bonds help grow and strengthen Israel’s economy for all citizens of Israel and strengthen Israel for global leadership in humanitarian aid, technology, and tolerance.

Every generation has embraced their opportunity to fulfill Israel Bonds’ traditional role as Israel’s safety net – this is our moment to strengthen, support, and STAND WITH ISRAEL during a time of need.

Israel Bonds family of supporters has never let Israel down – with your participation “never” will include now.

In 2020, despite challenges presented by the coronavirus pandemic, the Bonds organization secured historic U.S. sales of $1.5 billion.

Partnering in Israel’s success story through investment in Israel bonds is global in scope.

For more details, visit israelbonds.com.


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