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Book Club – Jephte’s Daughter

Or Atid’s book club will meet remotely on Jan. 12 to discuss Naomi Ragen’s first novel, Jephte’s Daughter.

This modern classic of Jewish-American literature depicts a remarkable journey into the world of Chassidic women.   Abraham Ha-Levi, a wealthy American businessman and the last male survivor of an important Orthodox Jewish family, forces his beautiful and bright daughter, Batsheva, into an arranged marriage.

She and her new husband, a devout Torah scholar, live in Jerusalem where Batsheva is plunged into a new life where she becomes the victim of her husband’s cruelty.  She endures a personal struggle with her family, her community, and her faith. Fighting for her survival and that of her young son, Batsheva is forced to make grueling decisions that affect her and all those whose lives she has touched.

This enthralling book will no doubt lead to a compelling book club discussion.

Happy Birthday to the Trees!

Rabbi Hal, students and teachers played games together at the Hanukkah Carnival.

The Helen and Sam Kornblau Religious School of Or Atid is celebrating Tu b’shevat with a school-wide carnival event on Jan. 23.    Including a tasty fruit seder and tree-themed arts and crafts, the carnival will also bring students together to plant lettuce seeds.

Each week, students will be able to observe their seedlings growth, nurturing the plants until the lettuce is strong enough to be outdoors. Once the weather warms, the lettuce will be transplanted into Gan Chesed’s newly constructed garden boxes.

Dana Gwaltney., a parent and Or Atid and member of the Board of Governors. is one of many parents who helped make the Hanukkah Carnival a success.

These garden boxes, funded through a grant from the Jewish Community Federation of Richmond, and assembled by Girl Scouts Troop 709G, will hold lettuce and other produce grown by Congregation Or Atid and the Kornblau Religious School as part of the Gan Chesed project.

A fig tree, one of the 7 species of Israel, will be planted as well to commemorate Tu b’shevat.   As the garden grows and crops are harvested, Gan Chesed will share a portion of the harvest with local food banks.

For more information on all Or Atid events and activities, call (804) 740-4747 or visit www.oratid.com.


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