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Beth Sholom is honored to participate in the Java Music Program

Taylor Rollison, CTRS, recreational therapist with Beth Sholom, will be one of the head leads on implementing the Java Program at Beth Sholom. She is excited and intrigued to be able to get the Java Music Program Rolling!

LeadingAge Virginia, an association of not-for-profit aging services organizations, was awarded the CMS Civil Monetary Penalty Grant to implement the Java Music program within 30 nursing homes throughout the state of Virginia.

The Java Music program is a unique research-based program for long-term care and supportive living environments.
We are excited that Beth Sholom has been invited to participate in this program!  The goal of the project is to improve quality of life among residents in nursing homes by implementing three peer support and mentoring programs that work in conjunction with one another:

(1) Java Music Club:  A peer support program, which allows residents the ability to sing and make music based off of different themes that are supplied with the java music program kit. Residents each week are able to pick a new theme, which allows for different types of music and memories to be made.

 (2) Java Memory Care: This program is designed for people living with moderate-advanced dementia. In this program the recreational therapist provides pictures and talking points for residents based off of the theme chosen that week. This allows residents to be able to reminisce and share information with their peers to create a since of community. Each week new topics/themes are picked, which allows for a variety of conversations & learning between residents.

(3) Java Mentorship: This part of the program consists of a weekly team meeting made up of residents and volunteers who receive training and then visit in pairs with socially isolated residents. This gives residents and volunteers a purpose and allows friendships to be made.

 The objectives of these programs are, engagement among residents in peer support and peer mentoring, improvement in quality of life as measured by observed decreases in loneliness and social isolation and increases in happiness among participating residents.

We look forward to implementing the Java Music Program this fall.

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