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Nate Mulberg was a member of Team Israel in the Olympics

Nate Mulberg

Nate Mulberg can always look back with warm memories and special pride for being a part of the Team Israel baseball team in the Tokyo Olympics.

An assistant baseball coach and recruiting coordinator with the University of Richmond, he became part of Team Israel as an assistant coach in the early summer of 2019.

Nate Mulberg during a pre-Olympic Team Israel baseball game in the Northeast in July.

In a Zoom interview before the first game in Tokyo in late July, Nate elaborated on what the experience meant to him and shared a conversation he had with his dad that day.

Powerful Experience

“Everyone associated with this team has their own story,” Nate noted. “I grew up playing for the JCC Maccabi Games and youth basketball at the JCC in New Jersey. It was emotional talking to my dad about this as we talked about being here. It just means so much to me with my upbringing. I had been exposed to opening ceremonies at Maccabi Games with Mark Spitz and also hearing speakers talk about the terrible tragedy in Munich Olympics. This is a powerful experience for all of us, no matter what each person’s story might be. For me, it’s very emotional.”

The October issue of the Reflector will have more on his experiences. Also, this Digital Reflector will include some past articles on Nate and also Jon De Marte, a UR graduate who also was on Team Israel as a pitcher.


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