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Meaningful Meals has reached 2000+ front liners


In the past year, Meaningful Meals, spearheaded by Claudia Biegler and Janet Meyers, has served 2000+ front liners with lunches and other treats

“Every week and month, we are adding a tremendous number,” noted Claudia in a recent Reflector interview. “We never dreamed that our tiny idea of helping front line workers would result in this enormous community outreach.”

Generous Outpouring

Janet added, “The generous outpouring from the community really has supported this effort. They have been just delighted to help. We are so grateful to them. Without the community contributions, we could have never accomplished as much as we have.”

In March 2020, the two longtime friends felt a desperate need to help front line workers as the outbreak of COVID-19 was beginning. They felt helpless.

Claudia said, “How could we help? Our idea – food is love! What started out as a few meals for some has developed into an endowment through Richmond Jewish Foundation that has supported over 20+ agencies in Richmond through delicious lunches catered and delivered by Garnish Catering .

They noted it’s a partnership of three with the effort by Louis Campbell and his catering business, Garnish. “He has risen to the occasion and has been an outstanding and committed partner in this cause.”

They shared that it has been joyful to coordinate with hospitals, schools, homeless shelters, pharmacies and countless other groups who have received a call from one of us saying … “ our community wants to thank you for your service during this pandemic, and we would like to send lunches to your entire group!”

No Request is Too Small or Large

Claudia added, “We also are thrilled that young children in our community and elsewhere wanted to support our cause.”

No request is too small or too large. In May, they are set to serve about 250 staff members at St. Joseph’s Villa. In addition, they recently sent lunches to 100 pharmacists at VCU Health.

Janet noted, “We learned so much in the past year – shelters we never knew existed. There are so many resources in our community who have helped during the pandemic. There are little tiny gems all over who are just doing extraordinary work. And we have received so many nice thank you notes.”

Claudia said, “Community support has been phenomenal. So, we wanted to recognize the vast number of individuals and organizations who have made donations to Meaningful Meals. (See the list of names in the Community page of online Reflector)

For more about Meaningful Meals, visit meaningfulmeals.org. To make a donation, visit www.rjfoundation.org. On the “Donation” page, please click Meaningful Meals in the Fund Designation Line.

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