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A Bat Mitzvah Project celebrated by the whole community


When it was time for Sadie Edlavitch to choose her Bat Mitzvah project, she didn’t hesitate to help out Friendship Circle of VA.

An eighth grader at Tuckahoe Middle, Sadie had been involved in Helping Hands, an elective that matches students with other kids who need extra help and support, and it has always been important to Sadie to make sure everyone feels included.

Spring Friendship Bags

Together with Friendship Circle, Sadie was able to put her values into action by funding and helping to create The Spring Friendship Bags together with a small group of mom volunteers.

The Spring Friendship Bags were created out of the desire to create and share fun activities with families, and let them know that even in difficult times, the community is thinking of them.

At Friendship Circle of VA, building inclusive communities through fostering friendships and social opportunities is their mission.  The pandemic made the need for partnership and connection even more crucial, so that families who normally would have participated at in-person events could still have the opportunity to engage in meaningful experiences.

The bags included spring-themed activities for the children as well

as some comfort items for moms, dads and caretakers. Friendship Circle volunteers personally delivered the bags to all of the families and were able to see firsthand the joy it brought to the children and their parents.

The feedback received was so positive.

Activities included in the bags were spring seed plantings, painting bird houses, scavenger hunts, as well as gifts for moms, dads and caretakers. Every activity was thoughtfully chosen to engage all senses and abilities.

One Friendship at a Time

As spring has emerged, the blooms and sunshine feel extra invigorating after a year of quarantining and feeling isolated.  Friendship Circle of VA continues to brighten the lives of families and community members One Friendship at a Time.

Thank you to Sadie Edlavitch, her parents, Jenny and Steve and to the volunteers who put the project together: Rebecca Haine and Julie Marczak.

To learn more about Friendship Circle, visit www.friendshipcircleva.org.

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