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Youngsters enjoy Tikkun Olam


A note from Cheri Wolff about her granddaughter Libby Mercer., age 14

Libby Mercer with one of her treat bags.

“It’s so much fun to create great memories with my grandchildren while doing Mitzvahs for others. Our son’s dear friend, Jenn, is an ICU nurse in Indianapolis and she has been overwhelmed with emotion and exhaustion in caring for her COVID patients. My granddaughter, Libby, and I. put together surprise treat bags, complete with snacks and medical jokes, for Jenn and the 16 others who work with her on the unit. She and her coworkers were very happy to receive the bags and be recognized for all they are doing and sacrificing. We both felt great to make someone’s day!”

A short note from Zoe Nomberg, age 11.

Zoe Nomberg wanted to help front liners who “work so hard for us.”

“There was no specific person who inspired me to donate, I just wanted to use my birthday money for a good cause. I donated to Meaningful Meals because I wanted to help front line workers who work so hard for all of us. Giving to others is really important because sometimes people can take smaller things for granted but these things could help others so much. Anyone who can help should help.”

Two notes from Lily and Lainey Brooks.

Lily Brooks, 8th grader Tuckahoe Middle School

“My mom mentioned that our friend Mrs. Biegler was sending meals to people who work in the hospitals and asked me ifI wanted to be a part of it.  I had just had my Bat Mitzvah so I made a donation from my gifts.”

Lainey Brooks, 4th grade, Maybuery Elementary School

“I had a lemonaide stand to raise money for Feed More.  Mom told me about what Mrs. Bieger was doing, so I took some of the money I raised and gave it to Mrs. Biegler.”

A note about Alex and Lila Shapiro from their grandmother, Miriam Davidow

“Alex and Lila Shapiro have been schooled in Tzedakah by their parents and grandparents since they were little. At a previous year’s Hanukkah party, they collected and bagged items to put in goodie bags for people they see on the street. The socks, gloves, snacks and hygiene items were gladly handed out car windows spurring on conversations on why people had to ask for help.  Now, Lila always wants to support homeless people resulting in donating money saved from the family Hanukkah store to the Daily Planet as well as funds to FEED MORE, along with food items, and to the SPCA. It’s never too early start talking about helping one another. Between their amazing schooling and family dedication to performing Mitzvot, these young people help pave a brighter and more equitable future.”

A note about Callie Krauss, 9 years old, who is the granddaughter of Ellen and Barry Krauss

Callie Krauss and friends donated to Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.

Callie lives in suburban Philadelphia. Recently, she and 3 girlfriends had a free day off from virtual school.  They were trying to decide what to do and decided to make beaded face mask holders and sell them to friends and relatives.  They donated the money to Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia where one of the Mom’s works. Callie said, “We made over 50 mask holders and donated $500.  Each buyer gets to pick out the color beads they want. They can also get a heart or their initials on the necklace part.  We put the clips on the ends to hold the mask.  Our Mom’s advertised on Facebook and Instagram and texted.  I made cards to go into each little plastic bag with the mask holder and we put a lollipop in too. My Mom mailed them to the people that bought them.”

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