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We Zoomed to Israel in April on a Virtual Mission


During April, several hundred community members Zoomed to Israel for special tours, hear speakers, take part in an interactive cooking class and a wine tasting/winery tour program, special Israel celebrations and much more.

Old Jaffa Tour

The Federation Virtual Mission kicked off on April 6 with an Old Jaffa Tour. Mission Co-Chair Jay Schwartz welcomed approximately 100 people for the unique tour by guide, Dr. Etai Get.  Pictured are some of the screen shots of the tour, including a current aerial view, a historic painting, a picture of Andromeda’s Rock – the famous large rock in the sea just outside Old Jaffa Port – and a few others.

To view a replay of the Old Jaffa Tour and many others from the Zoom events, visit https://www.jewishrichmond.org/virtual-mission-to-israel.

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