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Thank you Ally Rubinstein

Ally Rubinstein with some of the donated items for the Beth Sholom Food Pantry.

Ally Rubinstein, an up-and-coming freshman at J. R. Tucker High

Ally Rubinstein with several donated bags of groceries at her home.

School, has committed to collecting donations for The Woods at Beth Sholom Food Pantry.

Ally is in the International Baccalaureate program, and a requirement is to partake in a community service project.  She picked the Woods as her project and Beth Sholom has already accepted donations to the Woods on three separate occasions.

Collects From Neighbors

A vehicle full of donated items collected by Ally Rubinstein for Beth Sholom Woods Food Pantry.

Ally asks for a list of most-needed items before she delivers the paper bags and collects them a few days later from her neighbors.  With Ally’s help, the Food Pantry at the Woods at Beth Sholom is staying stocked. Thanks, Ally, for all of your hard work!

For questions or information about donating to the Woods Food Pantry call 804-741-4691.

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