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Hadassah Floor Tile Fundraiser Successfully Completed!


Hadassah Richmond is proud to announce that we are the first chapter in the Southern Seaboard Region to earn a Road to Delivery Floor Tile at Hadassah Hospital, Ein Kerem.

We reached our target to raise the required floor tile amount of $1,500 in only one month.

Thanks to all who contributed to our chapter tile:

Elaine Ragone, Marilyn Trownsell, Frona Colker, Nannette Shor, Leslie Baron, Maxine Paul, Jenna Hopp, Grace Silverstein, Mary Perretz, Marian Winer, Halina Zimm and Sharon Berry.

Special Thank You

We also want to give a very special thank you to Hannah and Allen Cohen who gave a very generous donation toward the tile in honor of Amy Krumbein’s 104th birthday. We wouldn’t have made our goal so quickly without this large donation.

We’re hoping that those who attend the Hadassah Convention in Israel in 2022 will see our floor tile in the Maternity Department in Ein Kerem and be proud of our chapter’s continuing accomplishments.

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