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By Alison Litvin
Education Coordinator

Families of the Helen and Sam Kornblau Religious School are staying connected this semester, coming together in the virtual classroom to explore Judaism in our daily lives.

Sharing glimpses into each other’s homes, students navigated through the Jewish calendar in a show-and-tell scavenger hunt to examine the Hebrew months and their themes. Students shared keepsakes and mementos representing the Light of Kislev, the Joy of Adar, and the Freedom of Nisan.

Bringing a bit of the classroom into the home, the school’s music teacher, Moreh Hayden, sent families personalized drum kits from upcycled materials. Walking students through the creative process, Moreh Hayden instructed families how to make their own unique drums.

The 2020 Tree of Hope continues to stand tall in Or Atid’s lobby. Made by Morah Holly’s class, the tree displays student and member wishes for the future. Or Atid Photos

Inspired by the story of Nachson taking the first step to cross the Sea of Reeds, students analyzed the traits of a leader. With their newly made drums in hand, students took turns leading the group in a drum circle, communicating rhythm changes to each other without speaking. Tapping out their own tunes and rocking along to the beat, students and teachers alike enjoyed the musical morning together.

Boxed kits provide students a hands-on opportunity to engage with the virtual classroom. Hand-packed by the school’s dedicated teachers, each kit offers families a special memento to remember these moments on their Jewish Journey. In addition to music and art-based kits, the Kornblau Religious School celebrated Tu B’shvat, the Festival of Trees, with a family garden kit.

This year’s classroom may be virtual, but that doesn’t limit staff or students from discovering new ways to engage with Jewish holidays and traditions, Israeli culture, Hebrew and Tefillah, and the weekly Parsha.

For more information about the school, and to learn about our approach to distance learning, contact Education Coordinator Alison Litvin at relschool@oratid.org, or call Congregation Or Atid at (804) 740 – 4747.

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